Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to the Collaborative Blog "Self-translation in India"

This blog is created to help researchers interested in self-translation in India looking for material. When I began research in self-translation I knew of only two self-translators in India - Rabindranath Tagore and Girish Karnad. But have stumbled upon numerous self-translators since then. At the same time, I also noticed the paucity of prior studies in this area. Hence, this blog, to help my fellow travellers.

This blog will provide links to material on self-translations and self-translators in periodicals, websites and research articles available on the net. 

The India-centric feature of this blog  is primarily for the purpose of research focus. The main aim is to contribute to global understanding of translation, and self-translation. However, I hope the self-translation activities and research on these phenomena will help us make the existing theories of translation and self-translation more nuanced and better. 

Readers of this blog are also advised to visit another blog, which is one of its kind with rich data and resources by Eva Gentes called "Self-Translation". Please click here to visit that blog.

Those who wish to contribute to this blog are welcome.